Interior decorating is an often misunderstood occupation. What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating? Why hire an interior decorator or designer? Why hire a decorator if I already have an architect? What am I actually paying for if I utilize an interior decorator? While the answers to these questions may vary from person to person, the important thing for you to know is what do you, as the customer, want from your decorator? If you know the answer to that question, any good designer or decorator will be able to provide a framework for how they can help you reach your goal.

As an introduction to myself, I prefer to give you my vision as an interior decorator: I view it as an art form. Furthermore, I view it as an art platform that takes other artists’ work (painters, furniture designers, sculptors, etc.) and combines them in a way that provides a comfortable, inviting, and pleasing environment for you to appreciate every day. Whether you are relaxing at home alone sipping on a cup of coffee or entertaining friends and family, you can be surrounded by a stylish environment that was customized to fit your lifestyle.

So, why should you choose me over the other professionals you’re considering? While I would prefer to meet you in person and determine whether I am the right fit for your unique needs, I can say that I am passionate about what I do and I am client-satisfaction focused. By day, I work as a Mechanical Engineer in the engineering and construction industry. This means I operate my design and decorating business in my own time. As a result of this being a freelance operation for me, I currently only take on one client at a time. This provides you, the customer, with my 100% creative focus. And, of course, it is an unfortunate truth that most of us do not have an unlimited budget; therefore, your budgetary needs are considered at all times during the process.

I offer a range of services depending on your needs and my availability. These services range from consultation (helping you make decisions about something you already have a concept for or providing guidance for a future project), conceptual design (providing a color palette, furniture options, and overall ‘feel’ while letting you take the project from there), to full detail design (where I would pick specific pieces of furniture, art, rugs, etc.). I can also provide procurement and contractor management services for purchasing furniture or light construction work like painting and flooring if required.

If you are interested in a free initial consultation after this brief introduction, please feel free to reach me using the contact form below to provide some information on your project and your needs. I would be happy to meet with you in your house or over a great cup of coffee. The choice is yours.


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